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Touzet Design For Lincoln Road, Site of Apple Drama, Approved

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Last night, the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board approved designs by local firm Touzet Studio for a retail site at 1001 Lincoln Road currently home to a Gap and Gap Body, a location that was recently the site of some controversy. Apple, whose store in the old Chrysler building is catty-corner to the site, wanted to expand to this new spot with bigger digs. Renderings for the Apple store were all about the arching glass and white concrete look, making it very reminiscent of the Upper West Side NYC Apple Store, and not particularly Miamian, according to our non-objective tastes.

Preservationists were unhappy about the possible demolition of a very bland, but historically relevant, structure for one that didn't even look like it belonged in Miami at all. So, Apple scoffed, and decided it wasn't so interested, leaving the developers to look for a new design with new architects. What they presented last night, with glassy walls, a very deep "MiMo" eyebrow cornice, louvered shades, and a corner grand staircase, is a loving homage to the 1950s building it replaces, and was unanimously approved by the board.

What Apple wanted:

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UPDATE: The Miami Herald ran a story on the Touzet design for 1001 Lincoln Road, including a new rendering from the north. [Miami Herald]

Gap Lincoln Road

1001 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL