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This Bizarre Building In Hialeah Looks Like A Napping Monster

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We've got some more weird architecture for you today. Is this next place the craziest building in Hialeah (a city with no shortage of crazy)?

Well, let's just say the Loch Ness Monster came down to Miami to get a tan, or Captain Nemo somehow ended up in Hialeah. Either Nessy or Nemo might find a homie place in the AmerTec building, by an architect named Chayo Frank, who built it in 1967 for his family woodworking business. It's now closed, and empty, but it's been rediscovered by WLRN Producer Michael Alen who recently broke into it, in the name of urban exploration, and did a public radio segment on his findings. For historical pictures, that show the AmerTec building in all its green glory, check out Chayo Frank's site.

· Childhood Memories and a Hialeah Landmark [WLRN]
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AmerTec Building

149 W 21st Street, Miami, Florida