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Check Out These Two Wacky Walgreens in Miami Beach

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When a contemporary architect takes design cues from Miami's postwar modernist design, the results will occasionally be rather spectacular, or (and this happens a bit more often) wacky, surreal, a bit odd, certainly awkward, and probably quite Miamian. Two Walgreens stores, usually a pretty mundane building type, one on Normandy Isle, and the other on Alton Road in South Beach, by architects Frank Demandt and Robert Brown, and developer Seth Gadinsky, are mega examples of such a 'Morris Lapidus meets Alice in Wonderland' moment. What to make of them? Who knows? Do they really work architecturally? Well... But are they fun? Sure, why not?

· Gadinsky and Echion complete two new Walgreens locations on Miami Beach [Real Deal]

Photos Courtesy Robert Brown, Elizabeth Adare, and Paul Strabbing