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Lincoln Road's Forever 21 Will Be Glass Box On Stone Pedestal

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Wondering what Lincoln Road's new Forever 21, now being construction in the old Saks Fifth Avenue building, will look like? Although the renderings are public record, acquiring them from any involved persons has been a bit of a hassle due to pesky nondisclosure agreements. After hunting, and googling, and hair pulling, we found one right under our nose, in the archives of Curbed's sibling, Racked.

The three story, 39,000 square foot store will be Lincoln Road's largest retail space. Design architect Allan Shulman has cut new second story windows into the historical (and ominously windowless) oolitic limestone facade, the 70s era semicircular glass awning over the front door was (thank the gods of good taste) removed, and an awning similar to that of the original Saks one is being rebuilt. The most dramatic exterior change is at the third level. Here, Saks had added a third story to its store, which had originally just been two floors. Although they matched the stone, the quality wasn't quiiiite as good, and the addition's old age showed. That has been replaced by a glass wall, "ghosting" the addition.

WHAT'S NEXT? - At least one rendering of the rear facade exists (we know because we've seen it), but finding it has so far been in vain. Anybody have a tip?

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Forever 21 Lincoln Road

701 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL