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Collins Avenue Walgreens May Be Wackier Than The Others

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Developer Seth Gadinsky's taste for the eccentric is winning the hearts of drug store shoppers across Miami Beach, and the Curbediverse for that matter. His Two Wacky Walgreens was one of our most read posts, and was plugged on Curbed National. Well folks, you'll be happy to know Mr. Gadinsky and his architects Robert Brown and Frank Demandt are at it again, creating another Walgreens drug store on Collins Avenue and 14th street that's as trippy as can be. Taking inspiration from the nautical themes of neighboring art deco hotels, and midcentury-meets-PoMo fantasias of some of Miami's more inspired 80s architecture, the store is psychedelic. We wouldn't object if Gadinsky, Brown, and Demandt were on a few of the more interesting drugs sold within their stores, but it sure would explain a lot. · Two Wacky Walgreens [Curbed Miami]