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Vizcaya's Skylight Is Rapidly Disappearing

Vizcaya's skylight is rapidly disappearing, as construction workers dismantle it in preparation for a new, much subtler, and brighter skylight to be built in its place. In fact, by now it's pretty much gone. The original pyramidal skylight enclosed Vizcaya's courtyard 25 years ago so the building could be air-conditioned for the first time, to preserve the historic contents of the house against the Floridian heat, humidity, corrosive salt air, and insects. Now, the massiveness of the original steel iteration is being replaced by a sleek and sexy aluminum number. Follow the transformation with time lapse photography on the house's website, or a blog written by Vizcaya's director.
· The Skylight Project [Vizcaya]
· Time lapse photographs of the Skylight Project [Vizcaya]

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

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