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UM's New Student Union Makes The Lake Look Dinky

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Take a walk around the University of Miami lake, and you'll spend the whole time staring straight at the new Student Activities Center designed by Arquitectonica, now under construction, and the reason for the sad demise of the Rathskeller. The building is BIG, and really makes you realize just how small the lake really is. Despite all our preconceptions of scale, the University of Miami campus is really not all that big compared to major university campuses around the nation (just size it up to UF), and its easy to blow that feeling of intimate collegiality that the UM campus so beautifully creates. Here's a live webcam of the construction.

The new Activities Center will have a new Rathskeller, but is loosing a piece of university history really worth it for a shiny new thing?
· UM Student Activities Center [Arquitectonica]
· Live Construction Webcam [Arquitectonica]
· The University of Miami Rathskeller: Tomorrow's The End [Miami New Times]

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