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Two More Great Swimming Spots: A Sandbar and a Hole

We've added two more great swimming spots to the Curbed Miami Swimming Holes Map: a famous 80s spot that was at one time a symbol of a "new" Miami, and the ultimate party sandbar in Biscayne Bay.

The Atlantis Condos: So you're not Don Johnson, and when Miami Vice was the hottest thing on TV you were flipping burgers at a McDonald's in Hialeah. Well, that famous hole at the Atlantis, seen in the Miami Vice opening credits, is still there, still famous, and still contains a hot tub. Make friends with someone from the building, or sneak in. A soak in that tub is just as glamorous as ever.

Haulover Sandbar: A bunch of drunken boaters get together on a sandbar, a couple of them decide to capitalize on the situation with a snack stand on a boat, a bar on a boat, and even a version of an ice cream truck, but on a boat, and it becomes a Miami institution. Oh, and it's next to a large, uninhabited island officially called Sandspur, but popularly known as Beer Can Island, where people camp, have bonfires, and all sorts of adventurous things.
· Miami's Best Swimming Holes (Now with an actual hole) [Curbed Miami]