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In Five Years, You'll Ditch The Car In (Downtown) Miami

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The new Metrorail line to Miami International Airport is opening next month. Although AirportLink is a relatively short spur, with only one new station, there's a palpable mood of anticipation, as if the floodgates to Miami's mass transit future are about to open. The much heralded connection to the airport, with its Miami Intermodal Center "grand central station" transit hub is the beginning of a long list of new transportation options, of almost every variety, centered around downtown Miami that can't seem to stop growing. Miami's transportation future is exhilarating, but even if all this new stuff happens, will it change the face of Miami? Maybe. What's missing the gold standard of Mass transit in Miami, and the one we really need most of all. No more Metrorail expansions are planned once AirportLink is open.

Central Miami's new, and upcoming, transit options:

· Miami International Airport Station
· The Miami Intermodal Center
· Miami City Trolley Buses
· MDTX Bus Rapid Transit
· Car2Go Car Sharing
· Miami City Bicycle Sharing
· Tropical Pedicabs
· All Aboard Florida | Florida East Coast Railway
· Biscayne Express
· Water Taxi Miami
· Miami Monkey Shuttle
· Biscayne Boulevard and NE 2nd Avenue Jitney

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Miami Intermodal Center

3900 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33142