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The Pretend Former Life Of Vizcaya's Insane Barge

On his way back from Key West,'s Nick Carr knew he just had to see Villa Vizcaya, but what really knocked his socks off was the house's insane "stone party boat" known as the Barge. Often overlooked by visitors in its current state, the Barge was pretty spectacular. The structure, which is actually a stone breakwater for the house's harbor, was turned into an elaborate fake boat, dripping with statuary, lush foliage, fountains, and a tea house. The Barge was built for decadent Great Gatsby-esque parties that were much more in the style of the Vizcaya's designer, aesthete and dandy Paul Chalfin, than its owner, industrialist James Deering, and sadly has never been used much.

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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

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