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New Touzet Design Works It On Lincoln Lane North

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There's a new rendering afoot of the Touzet Studio design for 1001 Lincoln Road from the north side, the "back" of the building. Who cares about the back? Well, the design squares up to our favorite alley, Lincoln Lane North, with glassy display windows, and a very fetching corner. Across the alley, it faces one of the surface parking lots currently being prospected out by the City for a pedestrian-oriented, retail, and parking garage complex just off Lincoln Road, that would likely be oriented around the alley as well.

Renderings of the front of the building look pretty spectacular too. Oh, and if you've been wondering who the tenant will be, since Apple decided not to move in, it's the current site occupant: Gap.

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Gap Lincoln Road

1001 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL