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Check Out These Conceptual Renderings of Trump Studio City

Donald Trump wants to build a gigantic film studio called "Trump Studio City" on 800 acres of county-owned land down in Homestead that was once the Homestead Air Force Base. The Donald has always thought "big," so of course everything Trump or one of his people says about the plans sounds really grandiose:
“It could inject as much at $262,000 in local revenue (a day)” and "With 15-20 acre back lots that really handle any type of movie. Any type of television series that could ever be dreamed of”Ideas are big, but specifics are still vague. Plazas will be connected with palm-lined boulevards, access media centers ranging from 20,000 to 250,000 square feet. The city-sized studio would also include a hotel, a magnet film school, and even an airport. Twice the size of Universal Studios, the city-sized proposal would be one of the largest film studios on earth. · Donald Trump reveals plans for Florida movie studio [Hollywood Reporter]
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