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Design District Plans Revealed: New Street, Hanging Gardens, Loud Architecture, Lots Of Shopping

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Images courtesy Miami Planning and Zoning.

Finally, we get to see what the Design District will (more or less) look like in all its blazing future glory. Here are images from the Master Plan submitted to the city for review by the Planning and Zoning board on Wednesday. All the main points have already been leaked or made public, so there are no huge shockers, except perhaps that there will be a small 53 room hotel and 96 unit residential aspect. They also plan to have a lot of roof gardens on various levels, connected by staircases and cascading green features. This all seems wonderful, but just a tad optimistic. After all, they've got to put the AC condensers somewhere...

· If you want to get really technical, here's the DD Retail Street Special Area Plan. Be warned, it's a fairly large PDF. [Planning + Zoning]
· DACRA's Plans for the Miami Design District [Suntanned Mumford, Via Curbed Miami]
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