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Tom Wolfe's New Book About Miami, And Its Making-Of Doc

Tom Wolfe, the famous satirist of Bonfire of the Vanities fame, is writing a book about Miami called Back to Blood, coming out in October, and the Miami Herald reporter that showed him around Miami while researching the book made a documentary called Blood Lines, following Wolfe's explorations of our fair (or bloody?) city. We'll see all sorts of uniquely Miamian places, including Little Havana, South Beach no doubt, and a heavy dose of Hialeah. Oy.

The book is about immigration, but really it's about what happens when immigrants get here. It's about Miami's immigrant working classes, but also about just how quickly they, in less than one generation, rise to power in Miami economically, politically, and socially. It's about how everyone gets along when we get here, or don't. It's about hedonism, corruption, scandal, and apparently sex, sex, sex. Sounds like everyone's fantasy (cum reality, oftentimes) of Miami. But will it be the sort of classic-crazy look at Miami, or will Wolfe have enough insight to impart Miami's newer/younger crazy?

UPDATE - The documentary was renamed "Tom Wolfe Gets Back To Blood."

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