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Ambiguous Answers For Midtown's Green Space

Thank the great gods of Miami! When Curbed Miami has a hissy fit, somebody just might be listening. Yesterday, in a moment of frustration and bewilderment, we asked the Curbediverse just what-in-the-heck was going on with Midtown's Green Space. Taking on the cause, the Miami New Times' Gus Garcia-Roberts investigated, making Curbed Miami feel all warm and fuzzy and heard.

Our dearest Gus tried, and tried, and only ambiguity from the developer ensued. The green space's eternal limbo continues, but Great Gus seizes the day and insists it's not worse than death:

So if we're understanding correctly, go ahead and laze on the grass in your lunch hour. Play tackle football, even. Host a dog-fighting ring there. But just don't sue Midtown Miami when you get hurt. · Midtown Miami Gets Defensive About Its "Green Space" [New Times]
· Midtown Green Space In Limbo Worse Than Death [Curbed Miami]

Midtown Green Space

3301 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida