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Lincoln Lane North Legality Is In Limbo

Renderings of the Lincoln Road Development LLC proposal, which placed last

There's a big cog in the wheel for the Lincoln Lane North redevelopment. A lawyer from Lincoln Road Development LLC, who's Lenox Plaza proposal was placed last by the recommending committee, has submitted his concerns over the legality of the committee's deliberations. Apparently, there are some question on the part of the Lincoln Road Development LLC as to which portions of the meeting should have been open to the public, and which shouldn't have, and the possible motivations of committee chairwoman Elsie Howard. Ms. Howard rents an office in 1111, owned by the Bob Wennett, who submitted the winning proposal by acclaimed design firm Snøhetta.

Whatever backdoor shenanigans may or may not have happened, the recommendation committee picked the most architecturally attractive proposal; One that is like to produce a complex on par with the architecturally acclaimed 1111 next door. If any laws were actually violated, then the whole project is thrown in jeopardy, and Miami beach risks loosing out on a fantastic design by a fantastic developer. And anyways, the location of Ms. Howard's office hardly seems to be an egregious offense to us, unless of course Mr. Wennett is giving her free rent or kickbacks or something, which is doubtful.
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Lincoln Lane North Project

1100 17th Street, Miami Beach, Florida

1111 Lincoln Road

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida