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Comment Of The Day

"Insult is right. Are you serious about a marina store? WTF is that. Just going to touch on Scotty's. Space is limited and the beauty of Scotty's is its intimacy and proximity to the water's edge. "Paved Baywalk" and "Tourists Pier"??? WTF are those. Why slap the word tourist in their at all... It's for local boaters, drinkers and patrons! The "Baywalk" appears overkill. If I'm sitting at Scotty's the last thing I want is to have my view affected by large crowds standing and talking about the latest reality TV episode! Space in the harbor basin is also unrealistic. The long floating dock down the center will prove to be troublesome for boaters negotiating 180 degree turns when returning. Not going to get into the other masked and proposed elements... There is too much potential, history and character here and if you're not going to be serious with a design then leave it alone. It works just fine now and for all the bitching people say about Scotty's there's always a full house there and Monty's for you down the way." - Anonymous [New Scotty's Landing Will Insult City Hall]

Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133