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Arrested Urbanism

A walkable, dense, urban, and mixed-use "Transit Village" to surround West Palm Beach's Tri-Rail station has been delayed by county commissioners for 60 days to give developer Michael Massanoff more time to "work on his plan." They seem more than a tad insulted at the low price Massanoff has offered to buy the triangular piece of land, and are continually worried that the plan is, still, just too gosh darn dense and city-like. This after they asked him, back in January, to scale the whole thing back to its current size of 150 condos, 150 hotel rooms, and 475,000 square feet of shops and offices spread out over six acres. The plan may have been whittled down substantially at least once previously as well, over a very prolonged planning period.
· Commission Postpones Decision on Transit Village [PBPost]
· Transit Villages pushes forward [SFBJ] - circa 2010

West Palm Beach Tri-Rail Transit Village

1001 S 1st Street, West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach Tri-Rail Station

201 South Tamarind Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida