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Disdain for 'SoWyn' And Some Defense Of Overtown

There was strong disapproval, and even outright disdain, among Curbed commenters yesterday for SoWyn, a name they considered gimmicky, and an affront to the neighborhood's identity as part of present-day Overtown. Others expressed curiosity at where Overtown ends and whatever it is that's east of Overtown begins.

"So Loser. Stupid. It's Overtown. Enter at your own risk." [Anonymous]

"Move over!" [Anonymous]

"Me and my sister have fond memories of our growing up in a quaint little town called 'Over'. The sense of community and welcoming of all those foreigners was astounding....we shared cultures...and mingled effortlessly ...." [Anonymous]

"The neighborhood is called Overtown." [Anonymous]

· South of Wynwood, North of 14th? Realters Name It SoWyn [Curbed Miami]