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Inside A Restored WWII Hangar In Opa-Locka

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[All photos by Robin Hill]

In 1938, a push to prepare for war led to the establishment of the Navy air station in Opa-Locka and the construction of three hangars in 1941. One has been remodeled beyond recognition by the Coast Guard, another destroyed, and the third (Hangar 102) restored to all its original war time, nazi killing, U-boat spotting, America #1 glory by architect Allan Shulman. And Robin Hill, Miami's hometown architectural photog took some pretty hot shots of it, full of expensive looking private jets. It's still in use! Perhaps emblematic of the state of the country, and who ultimately gains from society's historic preservation efforts, you'll see Gulfstreams and Cessnas taxiing through.

The restoration included recycling of as many original materials and systems as possible, salvaged elements from the unfortunately destroyed neighboring hangar, a chemical analysis of historic paint samples, replication of the corrugated metal exterior walls, reopening of clerestory windows, and a very sensitive application of new safety and technological systems. Look how well the BIg Ass Fans (yes, an actual brand name of fans: here) blend in.
· Shulman + Associates
· Robin Hill Photography

Opa Locka Airport (OPF)

15001 NW 42nd Avenue, Opa Locka, FL 33054