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Conservation District To Lightly Preserve The Upper East Side

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Miami's Upper East Side, an area of historic residential neighborhoods, is having a little routine maintenance done. Nothing major, no nips, no tucks, and certainly no radical augmentations, or whatever the urban equivalent of a boob job might be (let's not give the South Beach art deco district any ideas). It'll just be a little more well preserved.

Although there are already four full historic districts within the UES, covering the majority of the area's historic architecture, much remains unprotected and susceptible to uncoordinated, community character-changing development. The Upper East Side Neighborhood Conservation District, a draft of which is available here, will provide a light glaze of preservation to everything not given the full, formaldehyde treatment, and will be a buffer against the cruel contemporary world for the four historic districts of Morningside, Bayside, the MiMo district, and Palm Grove. Curbed Miami will of course be following the process along, while the UES applies its nightly wrinkle cream.

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