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1101 Brickell To Be Miami's Tallest Building

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In an interview with Miami Today News (anybody have a link to this?) developer Tibor Hollo announced that 1101 Brickell, an 80 story residential tower east of Brickell Avenue, would resume planning and begin construction before the end of the year. Originally planned a few years ago, the building was thought to have died in the recession. Previously approved by the city of Miami, at 80 stories and 849 feet tall, it will be Florida's tallest building until Hollo's next project, One Bayfront Plaza, opens in 2018.

Hollo currently owns the entire 1101 Brickell Avenue block. Two mid-rise office towers line the Brickell Avenue frontage, with a parking garage on the Brickell Bay Drive side. That garage is the site of the future tower.
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1101 Brickell

1101 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL