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Comment of the Day

"A real lost opportunity. The residents -- had they not wanted a Beach Club any more -- could have developed the site into a public, public-access, or even private park. Had a public or semi-public route been chosen, it would have lifted the tax burden, while maintaining open vistas, breezes and ocean access. As there's no parking to speak of anyway, non-residents of the town would have had to hike a considerable distance to get to such a park, so crowding would be unlikely. And it could have been designed with sufficient greenery to keep large numbers at bay (so to speak). My grandmother built one of the waterfront, original homes on Bal Bay Drive, just above the (now demolished) Yacht Club; she also built a home on Camden Drive. She would not approve of this, as it is yet a further reduction in community space. What a pity ... such a lack of vision." - BalBay [Beach Club Loss Jeopardizes Bal Harbour's Grand Axis]

Bal Harbour Beach Club

10201 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida