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The Seven50 Master Plan Could Save Our Floridian Butts

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All the urban planners, civic leaders, activists, NIMBYs, and related parvenu of seven South Florida counties walk into a bar and come up with a plan to guide the super-region's growth over the next 50 years... Well, almost.

Over 500 people packed into an historic Delray Beach schoolhouse at the first of a series of summits last Wednesday with that ambitious, almost grandiose, but supremely visionary goal. What's being called the Seven50 plan will attempt to create a monumental, sustainable, and far reaching plan for the future of South Florida out of dozens of uncoordinated, and often clashing local urban plans. The end result, if adopted by local planning organizations, could successfully transform the way our region grows and evolves, but getting there feels like lighting a match on a powder keg. Gird your loins and stay tuned, it could be a wild ride.
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