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A Deeper Look At Snøhetta and Team No11i's Land of 1111

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The leading contender in the the Lincoln Lane North project, an infill development being bid out by the City of Miami Beach for the last remaining city-owned surface parking lots north of Lincoln Road is Team No11i, consisting of developer Robert Wennett (the guy that built 1111), Michael Comras (he owns lots of retail), famous Norwegian architects Snøhetta, and Miami's favorite local landscaper Raymond Jungles.The product of a consortium of such big names, in a steamy place like Miami Beach, is bound to come up with something interesting, be it either fantastic new architecture or a disaster of egos. In this case, if the Team No11i version is chosen, it will be the former. The Team No11i plan only takes advantage of the western two parking lots that the city is bidding out (a third is farther east, behind David's cafe), and leverages land owned by both Wennett and Comras, including 1111, to create a much larger product stretching from Lincoln Road, across Lincoln Lane North, right to 17th Street.

Like the other project proposals, the Team No11i plan focusses on Lincoln Lane North as an expansion of Lincoln Road, its mix of uses with retail, residential, offices, and parking, a focus on plazas and breezeways, and an orientation to the pedestrian. Unlike them, well, the real trump card for this project is its association with Wennett and 1111, a man who's already brought drop dead design to Lincoln Road on a big scale, and that drop dead design itself: the most fabulous parking garage that mankind may have possibly ever created.
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Lincoln Lane North Project

1100 17th Street, Miami Beach, Florida

1111 Lincoln Road

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida