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$39 Million South Pointe Penthouse Is $4 Mill More Expensive

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See here, 11,000 square feet of interior penthouse space in penthouse #2 atop the South Tower of the Continuum, South Beach, split over 4 levels, with gigantic (seriously, look at those pictures) outdoor terraces totaling another 6,000 square feet. It's got 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a guest suite, and 10 parking spaces in the garage downstairs. It's been listed at $35 mill since 2011, but just this June jumped to $39 million. Why the big jump? Maybe they're faring well in the market's recovery, maybe they're angling for Russian oligarch money, or maybe it's those ten luscious parking spaces.
· 100 S Pointe Drive, PH2 [Trulia]

Continuum South Beach

40 S. Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, Florida