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Sunny Isles Beach Booms Biggest In The Echo-Boom

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Stop the presses! The Miami Herald has anointed Sunny Isles Beach the epicenter of the resurgent real estate boom. At least six new condo towers are in the works, including one with car elevators leading to sky garages, and another containing a $50 million penthouse. A combination of lots (and lots, and lots) of foreign money, much of it coming from wealthy Russians buying vacation and investment places (Sunny Isles has been coined "Little Odessa"), and a lack of pedestrian-friendly, sustainable, master planning has led to exploding flocks of of extraordinarily extravagant condo towers flanking a veritable highway-scaled Collins Avenue. This is vertical urban sprawl at its brassiest extreme.
· Sunny Isles emerges as epicenter of condo boom [Miami Herald]

So, what's going up in Sunny Isles?
· The Mansions At Acqualina, starting at $15 million with every wingding possible. [Curbed]
· Porsche Design Tower, a Jiffy Lube rags-to-riches wet dream. [Curbed]
· Regalia, already under construction. [exMiami]
· 400 Sunny Isles, oh-so Oppenheim twin towers [Curbed]

Mansions At Acqualina

17749 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

400 Sunny Isles

400 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida


19505 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida