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Coal Mining Heir Blows $20M On Land For Party Palace

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Wayne Boich Jr., billionaire party boy son of a coal mining dynasty, is certainly having fun with his inherited money. He's purchased three adjoining North Bay Road houses (4666, 4682, 4700) for $19.6 million with plans to knock them down and construct a luxurious and laboriously huge bachelor pad in their place. He'll have a roomy 53,000 square feet of land, and an unheard of 300 linear feet of bayfront. According to Kevin Tomlinson, Realtor to the ultra moneyed, this is beyond primo-real estate, commanding arguably the best views of the bay on La Gorce Island, and is conveniently adjacent to the snob-tastic La Gorce Country Club.

He certainly likes the pleasures of life, famously dating Tara Reid in the past, throwing massive birthday bashes for himself, and regularly ensconcing himself in the VIP area at meganightclub LIV.

He's trading up from some pretty posh digs already, with his old penthouse at ICON South Beach under contract for $21 million, a whole two million bucks over the $19 million asking price. Rich, and lucky in real estate.We hate him already.
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Villa May

4700 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL