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Walmart Says 'Whatevs' About Zoning, Gets Ready To Build

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After a resounding rejection by Miami's Historic Preservation Board of Walmart's plan to gobble up prime pedestrian sidewalk space for loading docks, resulting in City Manager Johnny Martinez withdrawing the proposal from the upcoming Commissioners Meeting agenda, it seems Walmart has dropped the whole loading dock issue to press on with their ultimate goal of actually getting a superstore built on that site in Midtown Miami. If the loading docks have to be on the less convenient side streets, according to the current Midtown Overlay District zoning rules, then they'll just have to live with it. In fact, it would seem like Walmart's hardly phased by the whole debacle of the loading docks, announcing the opening of a hiring center next year, and ultimately the store's opening in 2014.

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Midtown Walmart

2901 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida