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Bahamian West Grove's Charles Avenue Now Officially Historic

Charles Avenue has been designated an Historic Roadway by the City of Miami, preserving the present character of the historic lane. It was the main drag of West Coconut Grove's Bahamian community, which was first settled in the 1880s by employees of the nearby Peacock Inn. The neighborhood would remain a predominantly black enclave, rich in wooden vernacular architecture from the late 19th century, and become an early center of black life in the first decades of Miami's history. In addition to a few elaborate two story houses, many brightly painted, Charles Avenue is lined with shotgun houses, a 19th century church, and a cemetery in which Michael Jackson filmed Thriller (seriously!), all preserved much as they were early in the 20th century. The well loved, but forlorn mediterranean revival Coconut Grove Playhouse is a fitting terminus to Charles Avenue, on Main Highway.
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