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Brickell CitiCentre Will Survive The Carpocalypse

Swire, the company building the huge Brickell CitiCentre project, is future-proofing it for a world without cars. The project's density, mixture of uses, accessibility to the Metromover, and close proxemity to Metrorail are all big pluses. The underground parking garage, built by a crazy freezing groundwater process, is even anti-car in a way, because it makes them practically invisible to pedestrians when parked.

Ok, that last part about the garage sounded a bit out of touch with reality. So does well meaning Swire President Stephen Owens, who says "We don't think petrol will be $5 a gallon forever." Five? It's expensive as all hell, but thank the great flying spaghetti monster it's not that much yet.
· New Brickell project wants a low profile for cars [Miami Herald]

Brickell Citicentre

700, S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida