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MiMo Miami Herald Building Could Get Historic Designation

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The midcentury Miami Herald building, which the paper is vacating next year for a new headquarters in a warehouse out west, has been submitted to the city for historic preservation status by Dade Heritage Trust. The building, which is of the same era as other iconic edifices like the Bacardi Building, and even the Fontainebleau, is a premier example of Miami Modernism applied to commercial construction, with innovative architectural features adapted to the local environment. It also represents the "role the paper has played in Miami's history, and how it has reflected its changing community."

The Herald building stands directly in the way of Genting's Resorts World Miami, which owns the building, and whether their plans are scaled down or not, intends to demolish it. Genting's position on the topic, besides wanting to use waterfront land they paid about $250 million dollars for, is that the building is an "affront to smart urban planning" apparently blocking public access to the waterfront. Urban planners, familiar with the power of a great adaptive-use design, don't agree.
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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida