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Nine Exotic Miami Dishes; Bagatelle to Pop a Little Bubbly on South Beach

MAPS! - Here's a map for exotic meats and game that features restaurants serving up dishes for the adventurous palate. You’ll find everything from fine dining establishments to cozy mom ‘n pop joints.

SOUTH BEACH - Bagatelle, a NYC-based French bistro famous for its Champagne brunch boozefests, is moving into town, signing a lease in the Boulan development across the street from the Setai.

CHEFS - Eater Miami chatted with Peacock Garden Café's executive chef Oscar del Rivero about balancing three restaurants, what has changed at Peacock over the past year, and what the future holds.

KENDALL - ‘Tis the season for soupy temps, muggy mornings and the as-if-on-cue afternoon down pour. Yes, our tropical metropolis knows a good rain storm, but also, how to chow down. So every week, Eater will provide a list of the different places throughout each neighborhood and break it down into categories—the famous, the hidden gems and more—to guide your summer culinary journeys and arm you with an escape from the steamy days (and nights) outside. This week....Kendall.

RUMORMONGERING - With sweat beading down foreheads and the heat exhausting locals, daydreaming about some rumored, high-profile additions to the Miami dining scene can help make these summer months fly by. Sugarcane going Italian in Midtown? Yardbird ventures to Southeast Asia on South Beach?