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Bal Harbour Beach Club Sale Marks Loss Of A Genteel World

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"We moved to Bal Harbour when our house was completed in 1949. The community’s concept, developed by Bob Graham, was an understated community safe for kids to play in the streets, and no flashy nouveau riche around. As American culture changed from a WWII culture of ‘we can do it together,’ to a culture emphasizing ‘I’ve got mine, go get your own,’ this all changed.

"The ‘original dwellers’ included the owners of Wrigley’s gum; Howard Johnson, who set up the beach club food bar; Arthur Godfrey; General Johnson, head of Johnson & Johnson; and many other names you’d recognize — all of whom wanted peace, quiet, safety. The community morphed from one in which you did not have to lock your doors to one with a wall; gates with guards; police on foot, in cars, on bicycles, in boats, yet there are many break-ins; house alarms; and bars at windows.

"We’ve come a long way from the feeling of community that followed WWII. We’re no longer Americans; we’re oligarchs often with body guards". - Muravyev [Beach Club Loss Jeopardizes Bal Harbour's Grand Axis]

Bal Harbour Beach Club

10201 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida