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The Story Of Pier 66; Stephen Magliocco Does Vic Park

Tropic Magazine's summer issue is out. This Fort Lauderdale real estate and design book has its usual mix of midcentury architecture, rich photography, preservation advocacy, and design intelligence, all in a high-production-value package. One thing they don't have is a very good website, or linkable articles. So, for the time being, take a gander at Tropic Magazine's digital issue (you flip through it like you would the real thing), and these extremely relevant articles:

pp. 13-15 Mid-Century Modern Monument: Castro Convertibles Showroom
pp. 25-29 Architect Stephen Magliocco's well-scaled modern house in Victoria Park
pp. 31-34 The jet age Pier 66 Hotel, often ascribed to Frank Lloyd Wright, wasn't designed by him at all, but it still makes a pretty amazing architectural statement.
pp. 86-89 The Young Art Museum, by Spillis Candela, just opened in Davie.
pp. 100 This Tiki god was at the long-gone Tiki Gardens.

· The Summer Issue [Tropic Magazine]