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What Does The DHT Want With The Miami Herald Building?

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When the Dade Heritage Trust submitted an historic preservation application for the Miami Herald Building last week, the story was dutifully picked up by the Miami Herald, the New Times, the Sun Sentinel, and others. Then, over the same week, the Florida Clarion twice posted potentially explosive stories of corruption and extortion on the part of the Dade Heritage Trust, who allegedly attempted to get a $2 million donation from Genting in exchange for not submitting an historic designation for the Herald building. At first we were aghast, but then we noticed that no other mainstream news source has picked up this story. Pretty much the only others that have are a few Tea Party sites, who are using it to push their own political positions. Hardly an unbiased situation. So, is it true, or a nasty rumor? Has the DHT lost all credibility, or not?
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Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida