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Piero Lissoni's Design Revealed For Former Miami Heart Inst.

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Oh, Piero! Somehow you've taken an ugly hospital, built in 1984, and sculpted it into a sexy, contemporary luxury condo building. It may not be the old King Cole Hotel, which originally occupied the site, but your exotic seductiveness has won us over. You've sculpted a David out of a dumpster. And we've got the hot, hot, renderings to show your work off.

The Miami Beach planning board has just approved zoning changes to this new project, by Italian architect Piero Lissoni, and local firm ADD Inc., which will turn the old Miami Heart Institute building into luxury condos, with major sections sliced away to give the building a svelte new form. It will be completely gutted and reclad. Two surface parking lots will be developed with single family homes in a complementary style, and a three way intersection will be reduced in size, creating a public park and sweeping front yard for the new building. A rooftop pool will look out onto Lake Surprise. The project still doesn't have a name.
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Former Miami Heart Institute

4701 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida