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Beach Club Loss Jeopardizes Bal Harbour's Grand Axis

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Bal Harbour was designed in 1946 with a monumental civic place for its residents, an unusual feature in a South Floridian town since the 1930s. A long park edged with avenues has always stretched from ocean to bay, incorporating a Beach Club and Yacht Club on either end. The recent $220 million sale of the Bal Harbour Beach Club for the construction of a condo tower would surely mean the permanent loss of this grand axis and the elegant view corridor from ocean to bay that has accompanied it. This is a loss of a major feature of Bal Harbour's master plan that has remained mostly intact since the town's founding, and a chip away at the restrained, gracious elegance that the town of Bal Harbour has always attempted to embody.
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Bal Harbour Beach Club

10201 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, Florida