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Kill The Buzz On Trader Joe's, Says TJ's PR Person

Trader Joe's is not coming to Brickell, or anywhere else in Miami, according to their PR lady Alison Mochizuki, who said: "the downtown Brickell area is not in our 2 year plan at this time," despite our report to the contrary. Are we satisfied with this information? Well, honestly, no. We could try to read into her oddly specific response of "downtown Brickell" when she could have just said "Miami," but that smacks of desperation on our part. We'd rather remind ourselves that a PR person wouldn't say anything until TJ's has given her the official A-OK to announce it, and they probably won't do that until a lease is signed. And the report on friday was they were "in talks," which means no lease. So, it's still a big mystery.
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Capitol Brickell Place

1420 S MIami Avenue, Miami, Florida