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New Scotty's Landing Will Insult City Hall, In Black & White

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The controversial, opaque, messy, and generally ineffective vetting process for a new Scotty's Landing proprietor has resulted in a recommendation by City Manager Johnny Martinez for the David One proposal submitted by two old stalwarts of the Miami restaurant scene: Jimmy Flanigan of Flanigan's, and Matt Johnson of Monty Trainer's, Sushisamba, and Sugarcane. Their proposal to update the marina and waterfront restaurant is mostly a jazzed up version of what already exists. Scotty's current establishment will be replaced by a large tiki hut with a restaurant inside. Dockage facilities will be improved, with stackable boat storage in two historic Pan Am seaplane hangars nearby, and a marina store will sell marina stuff. A new "public park" is little more than a plaza entrance to the restaurant, with better landscaping. Too much surface parking will remain. Then there's the S. Bayshore Drive entrance, which is also the main entrance to Miami's City Hall. Here, large and elaborate globe-like signage will serve double duty, announcing City Hall like it was just another shop at the mall.

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Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133