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New World Tower's Mechanical Garage Beats All By Decades

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[Images Via Flickr/dmsphoto]

Looking forward to Miami's new crop of mechanical parking garages? ADD Inc. is in the middle of constructing at least three of them around Miami Beach (one may already be finished), and Brickell House will have one. Taking everything to an extreme, Porsche Design Tower could be considered a giant garage itself.

Well, the New World Tower is way ahead of you. They've had a "Bowser System" mechanical garage for decades, and it's as futuristically robotic as you could imagine a parking garage being when it was built in 1965. You drive up to a bay of elevators, where an attendant takes your car, and enters an elevator. It is deposited in front an empty spot, where the attendant leaves it, picking up another car on his way back down.
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New World Tower

100 S. Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33131