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New Renderings of Porsche Design Tower Show A Bentley

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Just like the Germans lost to the British (and American!) forces in both World Wars, so do the latest renderings of Developer Gil Dezer's Porsche Design Tower (we finally get to see more interiors!) have a Bentley more prominently parked in one of the sky garages next to, of course, a Porsche. Older renderings of the exteriors, and elevators themselves, can be seen here.

Evoking cold steel, and the unpainted underside of your hood, the apartment interiors are gray, gray, gray, and startlingly raw. With good lighting. If you were wondering what Gil Dezer meant when he said "we've put pools on the balconies," well, there you go. The pools are more like really big hot tubs, but it still must be one helluva expensive thing to build.

Oh, and Dezer, by the way, it's not the only building in the world in which people can ride their cars up to their units. There's a little place on the West Side Highway in NYC called the The Sky Garage. Nicole Kidman lives there. Your place is the second. Yes, the second. We gloat, but don't worry, we're still as jealous as ever.

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Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160