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Curbed's Hottest Brokers Contest: Our First Pair of Nominees

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Curbed Miami's first ever, and now first annual, Hottest Brokers Contest is here, and we've got some really gorgeous entrants for your visual pleasure. These gods and goddesses of property, these curators of the landed classes's lands, are quite something to look at.

Marie-Charlotte Mahul of Majestic Properties.

Q What's your best advice for buyers and renters?
A "Be patient while looking for a new home to really find the good fit and follow your guts."

Q What is the strangest / funniest thing that's ever happened to you as a broker?
A "While showing a unit, my customer and I found the bedroom very messy...Sex-toys and handcuffs were lying on the bed. It was very embarrassing at that time but funny enough to laugh about it now."

Q What did you do before you became a broker? What happened with that?
A "I was a model. I keep modeling here and there."

June Savage of Sotheby's International Realty.

Q What's your best advice for buyers and renters?
A "My Best advice for buyers is to make sure that you have a real estate attorney do 'due diligence' for you. Mistakes can be made up to closing. We're all human for God's sake! A realtor is not an attorney, and vice versa. Buyers need to educate their realtors about exactly what they want and to expect personal service from those realtors going forward."

As for renters, make sure your realtor goes over that lease with you, and protect yourself to some extent if the place is sold and your lease renewal increases. Make that decision, and know what you're looking for ahead time, and be prepared to decide quickly today. Nothing stays on market for long.

Q What is the strangest / funniest thing to ever happen to you as a broker?
A OMG, this is Miami! Some things can not be repeated and will go with me to the grave! ;) Thats why I have a big smile.

I met a musical artist to show him a place at a very high end building in Miami Beach. Within a few minutes of going inside, I turned around and he had pulled his pants down. Like I havent seen "that" before! I laughed and told him to pull his pants back up. Then I proceeded to show him the place. Talk about funny and awkward!

Q What did you do before you became a broker? What happened with that?
A In my spare time, I choreograph musical theater. You have to feed your soul through the arts! I love the disipline during rehearsals, and applause, and making people laugh. Taking actors and making them dance FOSSE is HOTT!! I've trained with Gwen Vernon, FOSSE'S EX, and Ann Reinking. For that moment in time when the audience dances, sings, and laughs with you, I am grateful. And also for the opportunity to have had sold out shows. And thats how I roll.

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