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A-Rod Is Selling His Big, New, Miami Beach Mancastle

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We were so close to beating Curbed National to this story, we swear. But we didn't, so they've reported that New York Yankees third baseman Alexander Rodriguez is selling his new and very plush Miami Beach house. He custom built the nine bedroom, 13 bath, 20,000 square foot place for himself last year, for a princely, but not record setting, $38 million.

Why this "not record setting" talk? We bring up that more expensive house, also on Miami Beach, not as a cheap shot but because of serious things in common between the two white, contemporary modern homes. A-Rod's been connected to the bigger place for a while due to some great PR about him touring it, and "encouraging" them to bump up its initial ask. But while giving advice, he must also have been taking design cues. Both houses are white, sleek, and minimalist/maximalist (meaning nothing complex, but a lot of it) modernist palazzos with gigantic wall openings to the bay. They both have live green-walled courtyards, and noticeably similar site layouts. And they're both dripping in A-Rod's quite often name-dropped name.
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