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Miami's Hottest Brokers Day 3, Round 2: Moss vs. Carroll

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As Day 3 of Miami's Hottest Brokers rolls along, let's take a look at today's lads:

Ben Moss of the Campins Company

He's hunky, he's steamy, and apparently he's represented over 325 professional athletes and entertainers as a broker (wow), he's Ben Moss. He's also a bicyclist, as evidenced by the muscly bicycling pictures on his Facebook page. We chose to go with this one however, because it shows his perfectly symmetrical face better. And, ohhhh, that hair!

Chad Carroll of Douglas Elliman

We hear Chad Carroll is relatively new to real estate, or at least fairly new to his latest brokerage, Douglas Elliman, but that he's been making sales like crazy. And with those debonaire looks, well, we're not surprised that he's got a brain to match.

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