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Related Group Drops More Renderings Of Icon Bay

Finally, we're getting a more extensive tour of Icon Bay, Related Group's exploration of what it means (in their world) to be urban. The building has no shortage of pizzazz, and presents itself as having an urban disposition, with that highly-touted park, but there's also no mistaking who all this pretty stuff is meant for, and that's the residents of Icon Bay, and few others.

The new park is cool, with its sculpture garden, exercise stations, dog park, interactive sculpture, and lawn, but the design is more of a quasi-public front yard for the building than a real civic amenity. Much of Icon Bay's street frontage is taken up by a parking garage for residents, which may or may not be legal under Miami's new pedestrian-oriented Miami 21 zoning code. Two tennis courts atop those garages provide another nice residents-only touch. And the views, well the views are spectacular, if you live there.
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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL