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Miami's Hottest Brokers Day 4, Round 2: Bloch vs. Burke

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It's Day 4, Round 2 of Curbed Miami's Hottest Brokers contest, and our last pair of nominees is facing off. Here, ladies and gentlemen, are your final gentlemen. Chose wisely:

Dean Bloch of Douglas Elliman

Mr. Bloch is our only redhead of the week, and a he certainly works it well. His freckles are adorable, chin strong and solid, and he looks good in a suit. With beautiful skin like that, we hope he doesn't get too crispy in the Florida sun.

Stephan Burke of Sotheby's International Realty

Mr. Burke was nominated by one of the week's earlier winners, so we know he's got credibility. He's also got good looks, but are they good enough to win this thing? That's for you to decide.

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