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Busch Beer Baron's Fort Lauderdale Estate Is $15 Million

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Another epic estate built with Anheuser-Busch money has hit the market. But whereas the beer-battered pedigree of that other place was in question (and eclipsed by its next owner, the mobster Al Capone), this house is the bonafide brewery baron's place. Pedigree assured.

The former Busch family estate in Fort Lauderdale, called "Manga Reva", has hit the market for $15 million. Designed in 1939 by a protege of Addison Mizner, Francis Abreu, the 12,533 square feet house has only six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. A few features, like the 525 feet of water frontage, outdoor bandshell, and generous lawns, particularly stand out on this grand, old Floridian property.
· 1000 Riviera Drive [Business Insider]
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