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DACRA Demolishes the Design District, Throws Big Party

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FNO: Breaking Ground - Miami Design District from The brpr Group on Vimeo.

If you've been around the Design District lately, you've noticed there's a lot of flat, recently cleared land where DACRA is planning to build their new retail xanadu. It looks a little bleak, to be quite blunt. Fear not, however, because they've released a rather stark video of some diva in obscenely high heels, and a floor-length gown, posing here and there with a shovel, and a "save the date" for September 6th: that is Fashion's Night Out, a.k.a. that holiday Anna Wintour invented (it's bigger than Easter).

Our guess is that Fashion's Night Out, which is already quite a party, will be a decadent groundbreaking street party, launching construction of the new Design District, in true Miami pre-recession style. But how much can you really tell from a "Save the Date" anyways?

Lots of space in the Design District, gearing up for construction:

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