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Here Now, Gloriously Green Plans For Brickell Green Space

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Brickell Green Space, the campaign to save the last remaining waterfront land in Brickell as a public park, has just released conceptual park plans, and they look gloriously green. The plans are by a team led by Devin Cejas of walkLAUD and Andres Pineda of TRUDstudio. To the west of Brickell Avenue, an entire block of currently undeveloped riverfront property is proposed for the park. It's grassy, a bit overrun with weeds at the moment, and beautiful. Preserving it as a park will keep it that way, while adding lush greenery, athletic amenities, an addition to the Miami Riverwalk, and a broad promenade stretching through the middle of the park. The peoplemover is on one side, and the South Miami Avenue bridge is on the other. An opening under the bridge, now closed off by the city, would extend the Miami Riverwalk inland to where more neglected open spaces could easily be landscaped as greenways connecting the park to the budding entertainment district nearby

Since developer Carlos Mattos bought the Brickell Green Space land, the fate of the campaign has been a bit of an unanswered question. Brickell has been one of the early centers of the real estate revival, and surrounding developments are booming again. The gigantic Brickell CitiCentre project has started construction to the south, and mybrickell is steadily moving higher, directly to the east. Brickell Green Space's Mark Schrieber is undeterred however, and actually seems more optimistic. Due to the sale, the organizers say, they can set a fair market value price on the land, giving them a clearer idea of the size of their task. They've also reached almost a thousand petition signatures (online + on paper), and are optimistic for more. Finally, Mattos has revealed no signs of his plans for the site, and may do nothing with it for years. That's what's happening with the nearby Tobacco Road site, which he also recently purchased. (BGS organizers propose placing a green roofed parking garage on that empty land) Overall, things are looking up, with the possibility that this corner of Brickell could permanently stay green.
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Tobacco Road Bar

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Brickell Green Space

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